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How to participate

Expo-67 used the latest technology

and so does the documentary. In fact the film applies a variety of formats and technologies to tell its story. No matter where you are contact us and tell us what you want to share.

How to participate

On camera interviews 

The film will feature exciting interviews with some of the most informed people on the subject of Expo-67. Many aficionados aren’t even old enough to have visited the 1967 World’s Fair yet their hearts have been lured by the magic Expo-67 and Canada’s 100th birthday celebration. For others it has become an obsession and a lifelong adventure.  

Spoken and written word

Many people feel much more comfortable expressing themselves in written word or they just don’t like the camera lens.  EXPO67-17 is accepting written and spoken submissions about your experiences with Expo-67.  You can write us an email, send us a handwritten letter, record your voice, or carve a single word in a bar of soap - if it’s about Expo we’d like to see it.
Make a Donation to post-production. Over the past ten years each day I have managed to work on this film I have come away with an ever greater appreciation of the importance that we preserve this part of our heritage.  We have a great deal to be proud of and have great reason to protect cultural milestones such as Canada’s centenary celebrations at that magical place and time, at Expo67.  The film’s aim, through the words and recollections of the film’s subjects, is to paint a portrait of the great human experience that was Expo67. A contribution to the film is actually contributing to the preservation of the “Expo-experience” as I like to call it.  Completion funds are now required to ensure the production can meet it’s intended level of competence and quality throughout.  We are giving it our all at this end - won’t you help?  Please see our Indiegogo campaign for more information - launching soon.       Two lucky participants Two lucky participants will be selected at random to receive a very special gift - an autographed copy of Bill Cotter’s book, “Expo-67 in Montreal.” - one in English and one in French.   Bill is an author with many books to his credit, specifically he is an authority on World’s Fairs. and has penned the History of Disney. Many of the still photos employed in EXPO67-17 are used with the permission of Bill Cotter who, in 1967, was a young still photographer.  Bill currently works as an Auxiliary Policeman in Los Angeles, California and continues to write and lecture.  Our fundraising campaign will have an exciting lineup of perks at various levels.  We hope you’ll check out our IndieGogo campaign and make a contribution, no matter how modest.
A documentary film by Kirk Bennett
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Memoirs and Oral Histories of those who experienced Expo67
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